Tuesday, November 18, 2014

An expansion for Exodus - VII. Han-Xia Dynasty

As promised, we continue to present the different factions present in the Exodus expansion. Before we get to the main topic of the day and talk about the Han-Xia Dynasty, let's have a quick look at early sketches of the artwork....

Box cover sketch
Han-Xia faction sketch

Han-Xia Dynasty is the faction with the best skills during space combat. Using Advanced and Fringe tactics, the Dynasty can create positive outcome out of almost any space confrontation. With their unique Hyperspace Drives, they also have the ability to move unrestricted throughout space, surprising their enemies and engaging in fights they almost always win. Without being neither moral nor immoral, their simple yet effective set of laws and amoral vision among the most powerful and fearsome factions, equaled perhaps only by Blackwater.

When others were leaving Earth in panic, escaping the cruel fate of a dead world, we were ready. We had  the best and brightest of us chosen to become our future. We did not escape into the far blackness of space. We went as conquerors. We have a history longer than many other nations of the world. We stood the test of time when others faded. We flourished when others merely survived. As our fleets dominate the void of space, so will we dominate all those who try to oppose us. And who are you to judge our ways?

The Han-Xia Dynasty originated in greater China, which probably explains why this specific faction seems more closely tied to its nationality than any other. Centred around effectiveness and unrelenting exploitation of its seemingly endless human potential, the Han-Xia adapted to the new world with astonishing speed, assimilating and modifying Centaurian technology faster than any other survivor group.

Although the Centaurians welcomed humanity and peace and did a lot to impose their pacifistic doctrines upon their new protégés, the Han-Xia Dynasty knew from the start that humanity will need a single leader – a leader forged in the rapidly dying flame of an exploding enemy fleet. With that in mind, the Dynasty introduced a cruel but frighteningly effective training regime for their pilots, quickly building a force of specialists able to best any opponents in space combat.

However, the war for domination requires not only strength, but also speed, and the Han-Xia’s ships are quickly becoming a legend, for the Dynasty is the only faction controlling the technology of faster than light travel – and this but one of many technologies the Han-Xia scientists were able to not only learn to use, but also modify heavily so that it would serve the Dynasty’s purpose.

The Han-Xia Dynasty works with the fearsome effectiveness of a human hive, able to react to change with incredible speed and to respond violently to even the slightest of provocations. Some believe that it is because of its leaders inborn cruelty. Others, better schooled in the ways of Han-Xia know that the truth is far more terrifying. The Dynasty is here to rule, its purpose is clear, and it will not shy away from achieving its goal in the most effective way possible, even if the effectiveness means resorting to lethal brutality or cold genocide.

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  1. I cannot tell for sure but they seem way overpowered, especially in the first couple of matches when people don't really know what's what.... good old build army - smash enemy seems like a winner

  2. We will find out with more play-testing how unbalanced this faction is. Han-Xia was designed to be powerful, but the other faction have their secrets as well.

  3. Had a big game of this yesterday, Han Xia definitely seemed to be OP with the best engines, repairs and ability to assign damage. If they get armed and shielded to max they are only troubled by Blackwater in space combat, and if they build all their fleet at the last turn of the game they can spread their entire fleet around the board after everyone else has moved, destroying any other spread out fleet for a massive amount of points.

    In the 5 player game we played, most players had points in the 60s, with Han Xia well over 100 points. We probably need to play it more, but most of the power and difficulty ratings for the factions in the manual seem to be very different from what we experienced.

    That said it was a fun game, if a bit long. Our 5-turn 5-player game took about 7 hours with setup and rules.

    1. The game time will decrease with more experience with Exodus.

      Ha Xia is powerful indeed, but so far every faction was reported as overpowered. Adding the human factor to the game makes our initial evaluation of faction strength seems arbitrary, but we have based that on play testing and the mathematical model behind the game.