Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Kickstarting an expansion does miracles and what's more happening in NSKN

Last week is one to be remembered for NSKN Games. On Thursday we went live with our second Kickstarter project to seek support for Exodus: Edge of Extinction and 3 days later the project reached its funding goal of $28000 and even more, the first stretch goal is now unlocked and we are dangerously getting close to the second one. That is awesome!

If you have not had a chance to see what Edge of Extinction is all about, you can see below a video preview of the expansion.

But that's not all. Versailles got its share of attention with a review from Joel Eddy of Drive Through Reviews and Progress: Evolution of Technology was analyzed by NVS Gameplays:

Last but not least, Versailles and Progress will be released in North America by our partners Passport Game StudiosAnd if you are in the Pacific Northwest/Seattle area, enjoy the Launching Party in Renton on January 23rd! Do not forget to RSVP and to have fun. :)

You can also read an interesting story about how these games came to life in an interview with the NSKN on the Passport website. A short excerpt is below:

How did the ideas for Progress and Versailles come about?
Agnieszka: The idea for Progress: Evolution of Technology came while designing the first edition of Exodus: Proxima Centauri, specifically its technology tree. 

We - both the designers of Exodus and Progress - are big fans of civilization games and the part we love the most is the technological development. Thus came to us this seemingly crazy idea to make a game which is just about building a tech tree, stripping it of all the other parts.
Andrei: Surprisingly, Versailles found its roots also in the Exodus universe. Originally themed as Exodus 2, a sequel to Exodus: Proxima Centauri, the game has become Versailles after extensive feedback from Daniele Tascini (the co-designer of Tzolk'in) and a few other great minds in the industry. What we call today Versailles was built around the idea of a worker movement game - a special type of worker placement in which all the workers are already set up on the game board and player get to move them in a rondel-like system following given paths.
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