Thursday, January 15, 2015

Live on Kickstarter

A few moments ago, the most ambitious project of NSKN Games has gone live on Kickstarter!

With your help, we would like to reprint Exodus: Proxima Centauri and to bring to life its long awaited big expansion Exodus: Edge of Extinction

Let me tell you why we believe so much in this project... so follow me through a short journey through time.

Like every other small child, ever since I can remember I was fascinated of what could lie far away between the starts. I was fascinated with Star Trek (and I am still a big fan) and I dreamed of one day flying out there, somewhere. Obviously that did not happen... so I had to use my imagination to be a space traveler. Fast forward.

When I started thinking about game design back in 2008 I wasn't even familiar with the concept of empire building games, even though I had played a few. Twilight Imperium 3rd edition quickly became one of my all time favorite games, even though its length makes it hard to put on the table. However, I had my own vision of a space empire. one built by mankind and helping humanity finally find its place in the history of the universe. Fast forward.

In 2011, right after NSKN's first Essen, I showed my coworkers the first prototype of Exodus: Proxima Centauri. The game implements most of the design paradigms I try to follow and some of my core beliefs: it's realistic as much as a sci-fi game can be, it has as little down time as possible through simultaneous decisions, it paints a slightly dystopian although pragmatic portrait of humanity and it is challenging and fun. For the first time I felt that I put part of myself in a board game and I felt proud of it. Fast forward.

First edition vs. Revised edition

After a first edition which brought us from agony (production quality problems) to ecstasy (good reviews) and back a few times, in 2013 NSKN Games published the Revised edition of Exodus: Proxima Centauri. The quality was great, the artwork massively improved - no more of those rookie mistakes caused by our previous lack of experience. I had finally become the co-designer of a board game which looks well, feels well and sells well. 

The game's fans had noticed the same thing as we, the designers, did.  There was one missing part of the Exodus puzzle, the natural diversity of the factions. We, people as well as peoples, are inherently different in our ways of thinking and approaching life and leadership. Exodus should also reflect the diversity of mankind. So, we starter working on an expansion. Fast forward.

Exodus: Edge of Extinction game components

15th of January 2015. Edge of Extinction brings asymmetry to the game play through six very different, not-so-historically-accurate factions. The universe of Exodus extends far beyond the game play, it is my interpretation of one of the possible many-worlds.

So, today, if you share this vision and you want to build your own space empire, we invite you to pledge for Exodus: Edge of Extinction.

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