Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mistfall: The Arcane Mage

Today we present the second playable character from Mistfall. For those who believe that the true power lies in the ancient art of magic, who have their mind set on wielding potent spells and dispatching enemies with fire and lightning, let us introduce the Mage.

Mages in the Valskyrr

Traditionally, the people of the Valskyrr either shun magic, or conform to the types of the arcane craft that are most traditional in their homeland: either those of fire (associated with the warmth of the longhouses and the power of a well-lit forge) or of ice (associated mainly with the enemy, but not unknown among the Valskyrrians, especially those who walk the path of Dusk). True Arcane Mages of the Loreforge in Dathnafar are rarely seen in the cold north.
Art by Enggar Adirasa

The power of Arcane Mages is not unknown in the Valskyrr, although most of them used to combat the armies of the Mists in different regions of the world. Some even claim that close proximity to the Mists themselves is able to subtly influence some of the magic users, slowly corrupting their minds and turning them into unwitting servants of the power they wish to stand against. This is probably why only the most disciplined and headstrong remain for extended periods of time in regions most exposed to the power of the Mists.

Celenthia of Dathnafar

Born on the southern border of Straatgard and raised in the home city to the elite mage school known as the Loreforge, Celenthia is a young Arcane Mage more than eager to prove herself by helping in the struggle against the Mists wherever she can. Still remembering the day when her brother was taken by a raiding band of slavers, her resolve remains unwavering and her mind sharpened to serve one purpose: find him and help those, who suffered from a similar calamity. And as she is not a healer, she uses her skills to strike at the enemies and protect those she considers friends and allies.

Celenthia arrived in Frostvalley Keep relatively recently, but she has already proven her skill and knowledge, aiding the efforts of the defenders and accompanying Misthunters and Shieldbearers on numerous missions. She also quickly became close friends with a young female cleric by the name of Arani, who she shares not only the pain of a past loss, but also the inner strength to prevent such tragedies from happening in the future. Although seemingly more physically brittle than the Valskyrrians, she has proven time and time again, that her enemies should fear the power she is able to command.

Celenthia as Player Character

With sheer power and an assortment of arcane tricks at her disposal, Celenthia is a great choice for people who would wish to play a character of a classic magic user. Although not as physically tough as other characters, she can deal massive damage to her enemies which – either alone or when accompanied by other Heroes – can often be the first and last strike against a group of wandering monsters.

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