Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mistfall: The Dawnbreaker Cleric

Today we present yet another Hero of Mistfall. For those who find strength in their connection to the divine and those who are ready to stand fast against their enemies with a mace or hammer in hand, the Dawnbreaker Cleric is the way to go.

Dawnbreaker Clerics in the Valskyrr

The Dawnbreakers are a warrior cult of the Dawnmother, always ready to face off against the malevolent servants of Dusk – and since the Mistfall – even more than eager to stand against the twisting powers of the Mists. More warrior-like than the less militant orders, the clerics of the Breaking Dawn are a common site everywhere the tendrils of corruption managed to reach.

Although not an entirely uncommon sight in the Valskyrr, one cannot say that there are many Dawnbreakers in the cold north. The reason is simple: the order has suffered many casualties during the last few years, and that means its ranks are by far not numerous, and all around the known world it is more and more difficult to see them in battle.  And what a site they are – dealing crippling blows to the undead or seemingly raising their allies from the dead, they are always welcomed by any people who struggle against the darkness or the corrupting influence of the Mists.

Art by Enggar Adirasa
Arani of Svelkar

Arani was brought up in an orphanage under the auspices of the Sisters of Dawn, a primarily female order of scholars and healers, devoted to bringing relief to the suffering. Like many orphaned children, after witnessing her home town burned to the ground by a band of Mist-crazed beastmen, she was brought further south and initiated into the order to be taught the arts of healing and restoration.

Her life path was once again altered drastically, when the small temple she was assigned to was attacked by a stray raiding party of Borderlander marauders, who managed to infiltrate the defences the Frostvalley Keep. While trying to hide from a pursuit party of Misthunters and Shieldbearers, the warband decided to take the temple by storm, hold some of the priestesses hostage and make the rest help them elude their pursuers. But the plan failed: the strong Valskyrrian blood took over, and Arani managed to call the Light of Dawn upon her enemies in a key moment, staggering the Borderlanders and alerting the Frostvalley party of their presence.

Her courage and skill did not go unnoticed and she was offered a new life in a Dawnbreaker cloister, later to return after a full initiation to her homeland to stay as a permament resident of Frostvalley Keep. There she learned the punishing aspect of Light’s power and trained with both the clerics and some of the fighters of the keep – including one called Fengray, who she first met when the Forstvalley pursuit party came to her and her sisters’ aid. Shortly after her arrival she also met Celenthia – a young mage, who Arani now perceives as both a formidable companion, and a good friend.

Arani as Player Character

Arani is a very good choice for a player who wants to face off against the Mists singlehandedly. Able to deal out massive punishment to the undead and the most dangerous creatures of the Mists, she can stand on her own in almost any martial encounter. Her healing abilities also make it easier for her to stay alive on her own – or become an invaluable addition to any party setting off into the frozen and unforgiving lands belonging to the beastmen, the crazed brigands or the horrifying undead.

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