Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mistfall: The Seeker

Today we present another Hero of Mistfall: a master of subterfuge and cunning, a character for those who value a quick dagger and a sharp wit over any other power in the world – the Seeker.

Seekers in the Valskyrr

Seekers are rarely found in the Valskyrr for one very simple reason: a Seeker is a nice name for a thief, a cutpurse or a scoundrel – an individual who usually excels at shady activities that are best exercised in crowded cities or dark alleys. And what should come as no surprise is that not only are those skills less useful out of their native environment, but the simple-minded folk of the Valskyrr might show little appreciation for them.
Art by Enggar Adirasa

That being said, not everyone who starts their life as a street urchin that naturally progresses to a sword for hire or a common thief never turns their life around or finds a new application for what the harsh streets of their home has taught them. Some of the men and women with such an upbringing decide to leave a completely different mark on the world, sometimes joining the fight against the shadows and the Mist.

To say that Seekers are welcomed with cold distrust is a vast understatement. The shifty-eyed ex-dwellers of southern cities are openly shunned by the people of the Valskyrr. However, those who prove their qualities as warriors and companions, often lending their wits to those, who are more at home with a straight blade in hand, become no less valued and respected than warrior priests or even the Shieldbearers themselves.

Crow the Seeker

When asked directly, Crow (whose real name most certainly is a completely different one) tells the story of how he was raised on the streets of Northgarden, a port city on the southern edge of the Valskyrr. Reputedly it is there that he learned how to go by without an honest job to carry him through life, living among sailors, thieves and other shady characters inhabiting parts of the port district. But a short time in his company suggests that it might be a convenient misdirection, devised to keep his true identity a secret.

Extremely resourceful and street smart, the general knowledge Crow seems to possess suggests that he must have been properly schooled, as noted more than once by Celenthia. Also, his proficiency with the dagger betrays proper training, although well covered by all the dirty tricks and moves learned in the company of those knife fighters, who fight only to deal the swiftest of deaths.

After coming a few years before to Frostvalley Keep, Crow has proven to be a valuable asset in the struggle against the Mists. Able to use his specific skill set with incredible creativity and effectiveness in the new environment, he carved his place among those considered defenders and heroes of the stronghold. Headstrong, dauntless, able to find a way out of the most dire of situations, he is not only trusted by his companions – he also has their gratitude for finding a way out of more than a few seemingly hopeless perils.

Crow as Player Character

Crow is a great choice for those players, who like a combination of versatility and precision. Able to eliminate key enemies or avoid confrontation altogether, the Seeker is a Hero fully equipped to deal with anything the Mists can throw at him on his own. His knack for misdirection that allows to cleverly change the setting of a battle also makes him an asset some parties might find indispensible and outright unwilling to brave the Mists without.

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