Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Ultimate Edge

Kickstarting Exodus: Edge of Extinction has been a wild ride – and now, as the last day of the campaign is nearly upon, things are really heating up. Here is a quick look at what has been unlocked by our truly amazing backers.

As we reach the hectic 48 hour mark until project end, we look upon the list of stretch goals unlocked with what can be described only as a great pleasure. Once again, after our first Kickstarter campaign, we have earned the trust of many of our fans – and drew in more people to become a part of the Exodus universe and the ultimate 4X experience offered by the Edge of Extinction expansion. And to say we are extremely happy and grateful would be a vast understatement, as our current Kickstarter project went above and beyond all we could reasonably expect – with some time still left to reach even further!

Stretch Goal History

Throughout the campaign, we have managed to add to the Exodus box (which was pretty full to begin with) even more variability and more options, by successfully unlocking all of the stretch goals. This means that we added a double feature of new Combat Cards, an assortment of new Centaurian Resistance for all who buy a retail copy of Exodus: Edge of Extinction to enjoy.

We also managed to add not one but three packs of ships which will allow all who face off using the Edge of Extinction rules to command fleets bigger than those ever seen in the base game, as well as a set of extra combat dice to make properly displaying your new firepower appropriately impressive (not to mention faster and easier).

Our Kickstarter backers will also receive three more Combat Card sets, as well as a pack of all new political cards, to make the negotiation and bidding even more tense. The below stretch goals, including the Single Player Expansion are Kickstarter Limited material, which means that they are added to all Kickstarter copies, but will also be available separately via the BoardGameGeek store and on conventions NSKN Games would attend (until our stocks lasts).

The list of stretch goals ends on a set of more customized Action Cards, that provide each of the factions with yet another unique edge, and our ultimate goal: an impressive set of ship bases, that make the Exodus fleets hover over the game board proudly, making the game experience that much more immersive and impressive to look upon. And although the last of the stretch goals seemed like a distant dream (and something that started as an almost unreal idea with someone saying: "You know what would be really awesome?"), it is really here.

Beyond the Ultimate

Now, more than ever, it is a great time to become a part of the Exodus universe and pledge for your copy of the expansion – or a tasty bundle of the Revised Edition of Proxima Centauri and the Edge of Extinction. Become a part of the space empire building legend and help us finish off with an even louder bang.

How It Is Done

Finally, throughout the campaign we also managed to bring you two videos. The first one shows the NSKN’s own Agnieszka, Andrei and Błażej tearing themselves away from Kickstarter to play a game of expanded Exodus (and do away with any box size doubts) for your viewing pleasure:

The second one is a treat for all that have an artist in them – and for all who are curious how the amazing art of Exodus comes into being. Now you can watch Odysseas Stamoglou working on the cover art, peeking at the creative process behind the awesome sci-fi magic:

Pledge now and keep playing Legendary Games!

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