Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mistfall Rogues Gallery: Brigands and Sorcerers

Each type of terrain in Mistfall is inhabited by its own, distinct group of enemies the Heroes will have to face each time they enter a location not yet cleared of the Mists’ corrupting influence. Today we take a closer look at the those who either fell prey or decided to embrace the power offered by the nefarious Mists.

Art by Enggar Adirasa
The Lost and the Wicked

In ages past what is now known as the Borderlands used to be a part of inhabited Valskyrr. The proud and strong people that took this land as their own at the dawn of the world called these now abandoned places their home. Now, those who still live there wilfully or unwittingly serve the Mists, allowing it to spread its influence ever further.

Most of the Bordelands were not lost because of vicious beastmen attacks – they more often fell to acts of betrayal and villainy of those, who saw the Mistfall as an opportunity to reach their own goals and were ready to kill or enslave others on their way. As keeps and villages yielded to posisoned blades and sorcerous fire, many of the convicted criminals or power hungry madmen made their way to what they perceived as a land of new opportunities and a place where their skills could be used to satisfy their lust for wealth or power.

Travelling through those territories always carries the risk of encountering those who are more than eager to part travellers from their property, their freedom or their life. Terrifying news of captives taken away to become sacrifice in blasphemous rituals or bartered away to the beastmen keep those who live at the edge of the Borderlands awake at night, with their weapons always at the ready.

Borderlanders in the Game

As in game enemies, the inhabitants of the Borderlands can be a big problem to deal with. With abilities that allow them to instantly deprive a player of one of their key cards, and a formidable striking power to match, they really have the potential to make Heroes meet their doom.

When facing off against Borderlanders, watch out for dangerous synergies and choose your targets wisely. Sometimes it is better to suffer a few harder blows but protect your Hero’s key assets, than go for only a seemingly more dangerous enemy who simply deals a little more damage.
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