Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mistfall Rogues Gallery: Of Beasts and Men

For ages beastmen were the most dangerous enemies of mankind and a constant threat always lingering beneath what humans believed to be the borders of their lands. Tough and ferocious, they have proven over time that they should never be underestimated, even when their simplicity might imply they are less of a threat than some of the creatures inhabiting the dangerous world of Mistfall.
Art by Enggar Adirasa

Rage and Resilience

Venturing into the wilderness, humanity would always find the same enemies waiting there: beasts of prey ready to defend their hunting grounds – or make do with new and different game that had decided to enter their territory on their own. And things got even more dangerous, when the Duskfather willed to elevate animal hunters and use them to create a race more similar to humans – but more ferocious and easier to control.

Natural hunters and warriors, beastmen usually employ a simple strategy: striking fast and hard. Their inborn resilience and toughness makes them difficult to repel, especially when in the heat of battle they make use of their inner rage to strike even harder at whoever stands in their way. Whenever able to tap into the potential of their true ferocity, beastmen become more than a match for Heroes seeking passage through their lands. The beasts of pray display similar features, and although less resilient, they may make up for the lack with sheer numbers and the relentlessness with which they stalk their prey.

Wildlanders in the Game

In a way, fighting beasts and beastmen is simple – although not necessarily easy – matter and players should never underestimate the sheer power and stamina the denizens of the wilderness demonstrate. Especially when augmented with magic of the shamans and the fact, that some of the beasts and beastmen will not be discarded when other enemies leave the game – making elimination the only viable option.

When facing off against beasts and beastmen players should also pay special attention to how easy it is to enrage these enemies, often allowing them to attack faster or hit harder. And this can make beastmen no less formidable than the devious Borderlanders or the terrifying undead.

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