Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mistfall: The Wildlands

The denizens of the Wildlands are probably most well known to those who followed the Mistfall articles, as the beastmen became the rivals of humanity during the first ages of the world. Today we take a closer look at what the players can expect as their Heroes enter the lands of the first servants of the Duskfather. 

Hostile and Wild

The wilderness has never been a welcoming, especially in the northern, ice-ridden lands of the Valskyrr, and many settlers and conquerors would come to realize that venturing deeper into the north was a dangerous endeavour – and not only because of the creatures living there. Swept by cold winds, unforgiving, sometimes surprisingly barren and featureless, the Wildlands would often repel – or kill – those seeking passage on their own.

The half-man, half-beast children of Dusk inhabiting those hostile lands also left their mark, as the Wildlands were transformed by the Mists, and those who enter them now can often suffer from the effects of the dark sorcery the beastmen shamans dabble with.  But even without the dark magic, crossing icy plains and half-frozen rivers can prove a task able to wear down those who are not well prepared.

Art by Enggar Adirasa

Wildlands in the Game

Although occasionally a Wildlands Location can bring with it an opportunity to gain a bit of an edge, usually players will have to factor in the extra effort it may take to move out of a Wildlands or be ready to deal with some damage their Heroes may suffer upon entry. Still, most of the wilderness can offer them a little bit of respite, if they manage to successfully rid it of its original inhabitants. The enemies most often encountered in this terrain are both beasts and beastmen: strong, tough and often impossible to deal with by simply retreating when the going gets tough. 

Next time we will take a closer look at what the players can expect from the ones that call the icy wilderness their home.

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