Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Community in the Making

Kickstartingyour own game is an adventure: a wonderful, taxing, exhilarating adventure, which does not stop to amaze me – a person looking at their dream coming true. And although there are many aspects that make the whole endeavour truly awesome, there is one that makes it both a memory to cherish, and a great opportunity for the future.

On last Tuesday I shared some of my thoughts on Kickstarting Mistfall – my first published game, and a bit of a labour of love. It is a truly uplifting experience to see so much work – my work, and the work of other wonderful folks here and around NSKN Games – and a vision of the game draw more and more people, making all of the nights and days spent on Mistfall a small sacrifice for all the great things the game’s creator was given – by all backing the game.

Mistfall on the BGG Hotness
Mistfall is an idea of a game made real in slow, sometimes gruelling steps. Now, being over 400% funded it is fast becoming an awesome reality. A reality that sparked so much interest and discussion that it had occupied the very top of BoardGameGeek’s Hotness list for a solid week, put me as a designer in a truly magnificent company, and urged people to write over 1100 comments on Mistfall’s Kickstarterpage.

The Kickstarter campaign started over two weeks ago, and since then we’ve all answered many questions, but also simply exchanged opinions with people who were inclined to share their thoughts on the game, to offer suggestions, to help with editing the final rules, to create playmats, to spread the word of Mistfall to others – and to start creating a community of like-minded individuals gathered around a game that started as one person’s dream.

If there is anything truly amazing, anything astonishingly humbling about Kickstarter and crowdfunding in general, it is the connection established between the people who create, and the people who support creating. But in doing so it also elevates us all, making everyone a significant part of the process of crafting something that we will all enjoy, and giving everyone a voice that is important for me personally, for us (as NSKN Games) and for everyone else involved.

A True Fellowship indeed!
So, if you already are a backer – and much more than a backer, by being a part of this amazing journey – I thank you again. I thank you once again for your support and for your involvement. And if you are not a backer yet, consider becoming one not only to receive an awesome game, not only to be part of the process of making it, but also to be on the ground floor of building an absolutely awesome community.

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  1. It is very easy for an internet community to be torn apart by a civil war or to turn into a lynching mob in an instant. You have been open, active and you ha a track record to rely on. Moreover you have managed to skilfully and tactfully overcome potential problems and even turn them into opportunities (e.g. "Give me Campaigns of give me death") . Therefore, I feel you, Błażej , and you, NSKN, have earned your community. You may lose it at any time, you will certainly lose a few, however, as long as you stay open, tactful and quick on your feet you continue to have a supportive group around you.