Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mistfall: the Deadlands

The knowledge of the corrupting influence of the Mists spread like wildfire, but it took some time for humanity to come to terms with how powerful the new threat really was. Today we take a look at the lands of Mistfall taken away from humanity by the dead brought back to life by the dark power of the Mists.

The Desolate Lands

Much like the Borderlands, the lands of the dead were once inhabited by children of the goddess Dawn. Sometimes surprisingly far the humanity’s frontier, some of them fell within a few days, as the cemeteries and barrows suddenly swarmed with corpses leaving their graves and either going after the living or simply beginning their march north, were they would serve the new dark power.

The Deadlands, as they came to be known soon afterwards, are desolate and dark places that offer little respite to those who enter them, even after the undead have been drive away or destroyed. And although sometimes even in those places a glimmer of hope can be found, those who venture into the lands of the dead should always remember that they are on a truly hostile ground.
Art by Enggar Adirasa
Deadlands in the Game

The Deadlands are often featureless and desolate – and that means that Heroes will be left on their own when it comes to replenishing their strength after a battle with the undead. That means that those who plan their route through multiple Deadlands locations may quickly find themselves stripped of their strength and in need of a respite elsewhere altogether.

The enemies encountered in Deadlands are – unsurprisingly – those, who where once humans, but are now both unrelenting servants of the Mists. Next time we will take a look what dangers they pose – especially those who come to their lands without fire or the light of the goddess Dawn.

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