Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mistfall: a Living World

As you are reading these words, we are coming closer and closer to the final 48 hours of Mistfall on Kickstarter, and things are getting hot once again. With 27 Stretch Goals unlocked, and a few surprises still up our sleeve, there is one thing I have not yet talked about, and it’s how the world of Mistfall was and is being built. 

Undead Loremaster by Enggar Adirasa
Kickstarting Mistfall was a completely new thing for me, although before we started, I had thought it would not be so surprising. I was working with NSKN Games at the time of the Progress: Evolution of Technology Kickstarter project, and by the time Exodus: Edge of Extinction launched, I had already been an official part of the NSKN team, so I thought that putting my own game on Kickstarter would not be such a new experience. Well, it turned out it was. 

I already wrote about the truly incredible community building around Mistfall, but I’ve not yet mentioned how surprised I was with the reception of not just the game, but also the Mistfall universe, with its characters, its stories and all of its lore. As I was publishing my vision of Valskyrr with its heroes and villains on this blog, I could feel a certain level of interest, but that had not made me ready for what was yet to come. 

I’m a gamer who started of with Talisman (well, this Talisman, to be exact), then wandered off into the realms of Role Playing Games for a good few years, only to come back to serious board gaming after some time, to discover how far it had gone. And still, even becoming fascinated with European style games, I would look closely at a game’s theme, and I would always be interested in the world it would build for me to dwell in as I played. 

As I started constructing the world of Mistfall, I thought that it was a perfect opportunity to make my own fantasy universe, one that would suit my fancies, and perhaps interest a handful of people who are as much into the game fluff as I’ve always been. I knew that the game needs some strong characters and a threatening, overarching enemy, but I also thought that not many people would be keen on following the stories I wrote so closely. Yet again, I was surprised.
Stunning Hammer by Enggar Adirasa

Before launching Mistfall on Kickstarter, world-building was almost a distraction. Although I would construct Heroes and Enemies with the vision of my universe in mind, I was also almost certain that some of the intricacies and interactions would remain visible only to me. The main goal was to make a consistent world for the players to adventure in, with making it original and interesting more of a personal quest than an actual design goal. 

And here the fans and backers yet again managed to teach me something about fantasy gaming: we are all more alike than we think, and this shared hobby of ours, this common love for defined visions of the worlds we will visit with every game makes us truly a fellowship of like minded individuals. 

Fellstalker by Enggar Adirasa
So thank you all for that valuable lesson - and now you can be sure that the world of Mistfall will grow and expand, so that we can all visit it together with Mistfall, with the Kickstarter lore updates, with blog posts and with any other game set in the Mistfall universe we ever publish. Thank you, and see you all in Valskyrr. 

Just to finish off, let me give you a collection of links that will allow you to find all of the stories: 

The basic four Heroes, the world creation and the Enemies can be found on the NSKN Blog or on the NSKN Games website

You can also find some extra stories in the following Kickstarter Updates: 
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