Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mistfall Rogues Gallery: The Living Dead

Today we continue the story of the Mistfall enemies and evildoers - adding just a small reminder that the game is right now being funded on Kickstarter.

When the first news of the dead rising reached the more civilized human lands, they were disregarded as mere tales spun by those, who would seek to profit from spreading fear – or those deeply traumatized by their first encounter with the Mists. The truth turned out to be more horrifying, and soon humanity had to face an enemy unlike any of the ones that had stood against it before.

Art by Enggar Adirasa
The Mindless and the Malicious

All those who met the undead know that the backbone of their hordes comprises of skeletal warriors and zombies – slow walking corpses, easy to run away from, but not as easy to kill. But believing that all the undead are exactly that: methodical but slow and shambling could be a mistake that would lead a careless adventurer to eventually joining their ranks.

As the Mists seem to be able to raise any man and any creature from the dead, their reanimated servants range in scope and abilities. Those who would face this scourge on a regular basis know very well, that skeletal hands can handle a bow and that the slow approach of the rotting walkers is often preceded by a vicious attack of a pack of vampiric hounds.

As creatures of the Mists, some undead are able to wield bagic, and whoever glanced at least once into the eye sockets of a skeletal mage knows, that an inhuman, malicious intelligence is also a gift the Mists would bestow upon its once dead servants.

Undead in the Game

Some of the undead enemies are surprisingly tough for their skeletal or rotting frame – and it should come as no surprise, as those who had once died are now animated by the power of the Mists and not by vital organs that can be targeted to deal more damage. For that reason, it is always good to find a way to make use of their primal weakness – as almost all undead will be easier to overcome using fire or divine powers.

The undead are not only tough, but can also be surprisingly diverse, able to strike fast, call upon the power of a dark rage or heal their wounds after successfully dealing out punishment to Heroes. For that reason, players should never disregard the slower undead or those that deal less damage, as they have a tendency to slowly but inevitably swarm the Heroes to deprive them of their lives.

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