Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Mistfall Adventure

Mistfall has been on Kickstarter since March 10th, 15:40 CET. My game needed only 5 hours and 20 minutes to fully fund and now, two days after the middle of the campaign, it’s still going strong, unlocking a new Stretch Goal every day and sitting on a little over 390% of its initial funding goal. And let me tell you, it has been quite a ride.

If by any chance you’ve not yet seen what Mistfall is about, let me offer you a very detailed introduction. The video is over an hour long, but don’t worry – if you don’t have that much time, it also includes a link to a shorter overview, which will tell you in a more condensed form what you can expect from NSKN’s first Fantasy Adventure Game.

When we set out to fund Mistfall, we knew it was a game that will garner a lot of attention, but we (I the designer specifically) were amazed at how great the response to the game was, an how energetic and helpful our fans and backers turned out to be yet again. Although we’ve seen they can be really amazing, we’ve been surprised once again.

We’ve gone through different discussions over the last twelve days, received many suggestions at how to make the game even better – and we listened, because that’s what we do, and because we really want each of our games be as great as it can be.

We’ve gone through an almost absurdly long list of Stretch Goals, each of them pre-prepared and tested. We thought that the long list we’d prepared will keep us covered for the whole campaign and more. Well, it seems we might actually run out before the end, and if we do, we will just tell our backers, that this is all we had. And yes, maybe others would have conjured up something on the fly, but it is simply not the NSKN way. We’re gamers, we’ve always been gamers, and we’re not adding half-baked stuff just to make a few quick bucks – because we’d hate it if someone did that to a game any of us supported.

Mistfall has been quite a ride, and knowing what usually happens on the last few days of a Kickstarter campaign, more amazing craziness will ensue. And I can say from a personal perspective, that kickstarting this adventure game turned out to be quite an adventure in itself. The question now is, will you join in?

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