Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mistfall is a go!

Ladies and gentlemen, fans and true gamers of all shapes and sizes, we are happy to announce that Mistfall, our first cooperative fantasy adventure game, has just launched on Kickstarter, where it will be gathering funds until April 1st 2015.

Mistfall is a mix between thematic adventuring and cerebral cooperation, set up in an original, beautifully illustrated dark fantasy world, where you get to be the Heroes questing to save your lands from mysterious Mists and its nefarious servants – or perish trying.

You can find more information on our Mistfall site, and if you want to pledge, simply click here to go to Mistfall’s Kickstarter site. Waste no time, as we have an early bird special, that allows you to get a good deal on Mistfall, as well as some pretty cool add-ons.

Join the Heroes of Mistfall today!

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